Horseback Riding in the Sacred Valley

Explore the Sacred Valley's most impressive sites on horseback

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 5 hours, half day / 8 hours, full day

Calendar Availability: Daily 9 a.m.

Users Minimum Age:  8   Minimum party size: 2

Horseback riding through the Sacred Valley

These half and full day horseback riding adventure takes you into the beauty of the Sacred Valley. Yours could be a trip to the Cachicata quarry where stones were taken to build the Temple of the Sun, a full day excursion to the impressive Intipunku gate offering stunning views of the Andes or to Pumamarca, an impressive Incan ruin high in the mountains above Ollantaytambo. Your trip includes a snack and water and services of a professional tour guide and your horse guide. Half day trips take between 4-5 hours and full day journeys are 8 hours.

Full-day Intipunku tour

This full-day quest to the Sun Gate begins across the ancient Inca Bridge outside of Ollantaytambo winding along the rushing Vilcanota River with Mount Veronica’s peak offering an enticing invitation signaling the direction.  The 9km sun baked path narrows while it climbs the slopes of Catchicata, leading past the quarries and tumbs of Incan mummies. The final and steepest portion of the journey is reached by foot, summiting the breathtaking precipice, the sacred space between land and sky where time is eternal and the sun and earth are observed moving in harmony through the gateway.  Upon return, there is the option of taking refuge in a cove where refreshing spring waters offer a place to relax and cool from the sun’s fervor.

Half-day Pumamarca tour

This is a smooth two hour ascension along the carved canyon of the Patacancha River, passing the extraordinary terraced cliffs of Musca Pujio. Reaching the magically inspiring site of Pumamarca unveils the expansive sky and an ocean of mountain tops nurturing the community of Pallata and the farming plots of Muris. This 14km half-day option offers picture perfect moments such as observing herds of llamas roaming the slopes and hopeful sightings of condors soaring along the adjacent cliff faces.

Half day Cachicata Quarry tour

The Cachicata stone quarry ride is a peaceful excursion along the Sacred River, starting across the ancient Inca bridge outside of Ollantaytambo. It is a favored route for any skill level, begining on flat ground winding alongside the rushing Vilcanota, then gradualy climbing the mountainside to the quarries which offers spectacular views of the three uniting valleys and the Sacred peak, Mount Veronica. This 5mile/8km roundtrip is enjoyed for 4-5 hours which includes an opportunity to stretch your legs while exploring the Incan workshop with our professional tour guide and revel in the magnificence of the serene area during a picnic break overlooking the townsite of the Living Inca Village.

Half day ride to Ñaupa Iglesia

The half day ride to Ñaupa Iglesia is a pleasant journey beginning across the Incan bridge outside Ollantaytambo. This 9km tour ventures on flat terrain alongside the Sacred River and the train rails that lead to Machu Picchu. The eucalyptus shaded route weaves through farming fields and the charming town of Pachar before arriving at the foot of a steep stoned stairway that evokes an enticing invitation up into the mystical underworld cave which is culturally represented the snake.


  • Chevron down General Participation Rules & Safety Guidelines
    1. Participants must be at least 8 years old and weigh no more than 185lbs / 85kg.
      • Participants agree to be discreetly weighed at check-in.
    2. Participants must wear secure, closed-toe shoes e.g. sneakers, hiking boots or cross-trainers.
      • Open-toed shoes, sandals, Vibram Five Fingers, Crocs, Toms etc. are strictly prohibited
      • Please note that there may be periods of walking on this tour to view scenic locations and ruins.
    3. Participants shall wear clothing appropriate for the horseback riding tour and that is suitable for mountain weather, which can change quickly.
      • Long pants are recommended; Shorts or capris may create discomfort or injury while riding
      • Don’t wear noisy, baggy clothing which could startle the horse
      • Secure long hair, remove scarves or anything which could fall off during the tour
    4. Participants agree to advise Puma Path of any medical conditions or if something should change during the tour with regard to the Participant’s state of being.
    5. Participants acknowledge that this activity occurs at altitude and it is important to remain hydrated and to use sun protection.
    6. Participants understand that alcohol or any sensory-altering substance is strictly prohibited. This activity requires one’s full attention at all times.
    7. Participants understand that cigarettes and any fire producing items are strictly prohibited on the trail and sites in this protected natural area.
    8. Participants understand that at any point during the tour if their behavior is causing the horse distress, they will be removed from the tour.

    Safety Guidelines

    1. Participants will be provided with a safety briefing and orientation prior to the activity.
    2. Participants must listen carefully to all instruction given by the horse and tour guides, ask as many questions as necessary to ensure complete understanding, and follow all instructions while on the tour.
    3. Participants agree to remain with the group and their guides until the tour is complete.
    4. Participants must look out for their safety, use common sense, and pay attention to their surroundings at all times.