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  • Signature Tour!

Zipline Tour

Quick Details

Hour Glass Duration: 2 hours

Calendar Availability: Daily 9 a.m., 12 p.m., and 3 p.m.

Users Minimum Age: 12

Rider (Age 12+)

Soar like a condor in the Sacred Valley of the Incas


While you are here to experience an exhilarating zip line ride you’re going to experience so much more with the stunning scenery and magic of this very special place. We offer you an adrenaline ride with unparalleled views of the Sacred Valley from an altitude of over 3,200 m / 10,500 ft. Our two lines of 1 km and 800 m create 1.8 km of fast fun and WOW!


Before you can take the leap, we will drive you a short distance to the beginning of a scenic 15-20 minute walk up Puka Mocco (red mountain). This walk connects you with the beauty of Pachamama (Mother Earth), offers you a unique view of the Cachicata quarry (where stones for the temple of the sun were taken) and chance to soak up the positive energy of this sacred location. Once you reach the departure point, soar like a condor over to Antanuka (home of deer) on the 1km zip line where you can gaze at the splendor of the Sacred Valley of the Incas from another vantage point.


The return zip line of 800 m provides more stunning views of this magical and special land. A visit to the Puma Path Zip Line is intended to awaken your senses. During your visit, you will notice positive phrases and words strategically placed at your departure and arrival points. Powerful phrases like: You Can Do It!, You’re Powerful, Be Authentic, You’re Amazing and many more are designed to inspire you. Our hope is that when you are here you can clear out anything that is holding you back and see the potential and possibility in your life.

We are confident that this adventure will inspire and energize you. Book your zip line tour and join us in the magical Sacred Valley!